Road Racing in Minnesota, ready for wheel to wheel?

SCCA Club Road Racing Program | BIR is our home track

SCCA Road Racing | Our club road racing program, a division of the SCCA....

where drivers compete wheel to wheel on dedicated race tracks with the occasional temporary street circuit. 

  • In order to compete, there are licensing requirements in place to keep you safe, while giving you proper skills to build on your talents.
  • Know where your car fits into the classes within SCCA, download the GCR (General Competition Rules) here.

2015_GCRThe choice of car is up to you, there are many different classes, from production based entry level racing to fully modified purpose built machines that are only at home on a dedicated race surface. 

The SCCA road racing program is divided into two types of events, divisional racesl, and the 'Majors'.

Club racing is built around the people that put on the events, we are amateurs.  It is important to note that many professional race car drivers got their start with their local regions, just ask them on Facebook.